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    • Номер Компании: 50155
    • Название : CHÂTEAU FERREYRES
    • Сайт:  https://www.chateau-ferreyres.fr/
    • Город : France
    • Адрес : 1 Peyrouton 33350 Pujols
    • Телефон : +33 611192500
  • О Компании :

    CHÂTEAU FERREYRES wines are produced with biodiversity in mind. Château Ferreyres embarked on its transition to organic growing in September 2019, and reveals all its delectable notes of its grape varieties through an elegant range. The wines are the expression of a rare flint terroir, and the painstaking work in the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellation cellars. The vivid, expressive wines of the Château Ferreyres vintages will arouse the curiosity of those with intrigued palates as well as well-seasoned wine drinkers. The Château Ferreyres vineyard is to be found in a rare terroir, exposed on superb sun-drenched hills. The high flint content in the argilloarenaceous soil gives the Château Ferreyres wines powerful red berry notes and unique balance. As a result, these wines can be savoured from their very first years, but they can also be laid down for drinking later. The red wines are produced on 25 hectares, mainly planted with Merlot, but also Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals. The Sauvignon Blanc plots and soon the Semillon plots are earmarked for producing our white wine. Feel free to contact us for more information!