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    • Номер Компании: 50157
    • Название : DOMAINE GAEL MARTIN
    • Сайт:  https://www.domaine-gaelmartin.fr/
    • Город : France
    • Адрес : Les Truges42, Route de Pruzilly 71570 Saint-Vérand
    • Телефон : +33 621869076
  • О Компании :

    DOMAINE GAEL MARTIN is located in Saint-Véran and has produced Crémant de Bourgogne wines for a number of generations. Today, our family vineyard covers 25 hectares strategically located across some of the finest terroirs of Macon and northern Beaujolais. We produce between 80, 000 to 100, 000 bottles annually, divided between Burgundies and Beaujolais for sale in France and internationally. Because the quality of our wines is our greatest concern, we are delighted to be certified HEV (high environmental value) . We use traditional craft methods and our grapes are harvested by hand to guarantee the excellence and unique character of our wines and cremants.