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    • Номер Компании: 50148
    • Название : DOMAINE LA GOUJONNE
    • Сайт:  https://domaine-la-goujonne.fr/
    • Город : France
    • Адрес : Chemin Du Vicari 83170 Tourves
    • Телефон : +33 494787261
  • О Компании :

    The Kraus & Fils GAEC, an association of producers, was founded in 1994. Sitting 25 kilometres apart, the merger of two family vineyards created Domaine La Goujonne, 35 hectares producing PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Côtes de Provence and Coteaux Varois en Provence wines. With the passage of time, the domaine grew in size and sales increased. In 2016, Domaine La Goujonne acquired the remaining family-owned parcels adjacent to the Vicari bastide, extending the domaine by a further 20 hectares. Domaine La Goujonne is now certified organic, after a 3-year conversion process audited by ECOCERT to ensure that products and practices meet the required standards. The domaine has always worked to grow grapes in a rational way that respects the environment. We prefer working the soil and cooperating with livestock farmers rather than using weed killers. We use minimal phytosanitary treatments, and only ever use the correct insecticide-free products that have been certified and recommended. Domaine La Goujonne is well aware that the public today holds food industry professionals to far higher standards than ever before. This means that growers and producers must constantly adapt to meet customer expectations if they are to succeed and develop. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details!