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    • Номер Компании: 50168
    • Название : SLOWWINES
    • Сайт:  https://slowwines.net/
    • Город : Spain
    • Адрес : Calle San Vicente Ferrer, 7 37008 Salamanca
    • Телефон : +34 923264657
  • О Компании :

    Wine tours in Spain /Portugal. Vineyard and winery breakaway, private wine tasting VIP tours in boutique cellars, wine pairing in vineyards, sherry and Cava tasting experience. Slowwines arrange wine escapes and bodega visits creating unique wine moments Slowwines is a Spanish based travel company, founded by two well-travelled wine lovers. Our company is dedicated to wine holidays, we bring you the culture behind the bottle. We are dedicated to wine travels and private food tours around the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal). This has been our main endeavour since the launch of our activities. This is what we do best. While we have been arranging informal tours in vineyards, telling stories in the sloped backyards and vineyards for the last few years, we are only now making a professional move. Spain and Portugal are our main destinations, as this is our regional base. We have great knowledge of wines in Spain, probably more than any other tour operator in the business. The travel options offered in the years to come will expand to new wine destinations as we grow. We work with a wide audience of wine lovers, culinary specialists and professionals. Wine enthusiasts & winery travellers come to us to experience wine sessions with passionate people and to hear about wine-growing techniques. We also have professional wine educators or sommeliers with knowledge about specific regions.