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    • Номер Компании: 50154
    • Название : WINES TREE
    • Сайт:  https://www.winestree.com/
    • Город : France
    • Адрес : Château de Beaupré 13760 Saint Cannat
    • Телефон : +33 442506986
  • О Компании :

    WINES TREE was founded in 2000 by Maxime, a member of the Double family who have owned and operated Château de Beaupré, in the heart of Provence, since 1855. Our team's goal is to create a range of wines to suit the varied needs of professional and private wine-lovers alike! WINES TREE offers a portfolio of wines that we have grouped into three branches: 1. Our creations: an assemblage combining ancestral savoir-faire with a modern vision of wine. 2. Châteaux: from our family domain as well as a 20-year selection from other growers. From our family domain and a selection of partner domains built up over the past 20 years and representing various appellations and provenances from France. 3. Boxed sets: wine in a handy presentation box for your enjoyment. We seek to: highlight our creations or selections. We achieve this through boxes that marry: creativity, great looks, quality, a sense of fun, background information.